Automobile Air Vent Bracket

Creative multi-functional mobile phone holder global patent passed the EU US safety certification. Universal mobile phones of various sizes and models can be freely carried without high technology. Elliptical flat design stylish and practical; light to 8g thin to 2mm compact and portable saves space; integrated design easy to store and use environmentally friendly flexible silicone with steel sheet flexibility J-shaped hook support design It can easily turn the fit and support and reduce the space occupation when not in use. It is glued to the back cover of the mobile phone and blended with the mobile phone. It is not bulky and redundant and does not affect the carrying storage and normal use of the mobile phone. It can be operated with one hand. Use in various scenes and places. With a single click you can insert it at the air outlet of the car to securely hang it and not fall. When you dine put it on the table and learn. The kitchen is watching the series while cooking and placing it on the table. Watch a movie and hang it on your computer screen while typing and chatting with others.

Model : FS0001
Brand : FSCOOL
Price : $0.79~1.5 USD
Size : 79*40*5.5mm

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